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Product Questions

There is no "best" product for certain indications. Which product fits best depends on two things: The habits or preferences of the practitioner and the physiognomy and lifestyle of the patient. Our recommendation as to which products are particularly suitable for which indications can be found in our allocation model. Of course we will be happy to advise you personally at any time, please feel free to call us at any time.

We see ourselves as a service provider and fair, independent partner. All recommendations we make are based on the feedback we receive from our approximately 1000 customers. Particularly popular products are therefore the product juvederm Voluma as the perfect product for wrinkle treatment, the product Stylage Lips for the treatment of the lips or the product Teosyal Redensity II for a treatment in the periorbital area. We would be happy to advise you in detail on the phone, please feel free to call us at any time.

Here too, there is no clear pro or con. Lidocaine can relieve the patient's pain and possibly regulate skin reactions and inflammation. However, lidocaine is an additive that can increase both allergy and cardiac risk during treatment.

No. Dermal fillers should be stored at room temperature. If you have stored it in the refrigerator, take it out in time before the treatment, because too cold Dermal Fillers cannot be applied because the material has become "too hard".

The products listed in our price list are our "standard offer". Of course we are happy to take care of product requests or inquiries about products that do not appear on our price list. Please feel free to contact us.

We purchase our products from the respective manufacturers and laboratories as well as from pharmaceutical companies such as wholesalers. We get all our products from EUROPE.

The shelf life varies depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers offer shelf lives of up to 2 years, while others guarantee a shelf life of only one year. As a rule, we do not send any product that has a shelf life of less than 6 months. Simply contact us to find out how long the shelf life of your desired product is.

Company Questions

For products that are in stock, will be shipped immediately . The delivery takes place on the working day (Mon - Fri) between 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (deliveries before 08:00 am or before 10:00 am are possible for an extra charge)

Yes, you will find our office in furstenfelbruck near Munich. As a rule, the office is manned continuously from 09:00 to 17:00. Just call us before and make an appointment to pick up your order from us.

Yes, we regularly visit the international trade fairs (AMWC Monte Carlo, AMEC Paris, etc.) to find the latest products, trends and treatments for you. You are welcome to get to know us at these trade fairs. Simply arrange an appointment with us.

Yes, as a rule we have at least one product every month, which we purchase very cheaply from our partners due to large purchase quantities. We are happy to pass on these price advantages to our customers, so you have the opportunity to "test" products that are still unknown to you at low prices or to buy your preferred product at a low price.

The products we offer are aimed at professional users. (e.g. physician, alternative practitioner, pharmacist) A sale to private individuals is only possible after presentation of a private medical prescription, as §3 (17) MPG prohibits the sale of the products to laymen.


Of course, we are always looking for well-trained professionals who would like to support us and are happy to share their knowledge. Just get in contact with us.

Treatment Questions

Treatment techniques depend on the practitioner, patient and desired outcome. As treatment techniques are constantly evolving, we offer hands-on workshops at regular intervals to inform you about current trends and techniques. Current dates can be found here.

It is not possible to generalize the decision between cannula and needle. For many procedures, treatment with a blunt cannula makes sense, but for others, in our experience, it is better to use a pointed needle. In principle, our recommendation is that the more invasive an intervention is, the more likely we recommend the use of a blunt cannula.

The recommendations of the individual manufacturers apply here in principle. Although the combination of the individual products does not lead to interactions, caution should be exercised when combining PDO threads, dermal fillers, Botox and similar products, as a complete result is often only achieved a few days to weeks after treatment. To avoid over-corrections and undesired results, it is advisable to leave a few days or weeks between the different treatments.

It depends on the material used. In the case of treatment with hyaluronic acid, treatment with hyaluronidase (available in pharmacies) is a suitable countermeasure, which dissolves the applied hyaluronic acid at this point. This is different with calcium hydroxylapatite products, where there is no possibility to correct the treated area afterwards. The same applies to PDO threads, here too there is no way to accelerate the process of metabolizing the thread.

All minimally invasive procedures can cause swelling, redness, bruising, a burning sensation or a feeling of tension in the treated area. These symptoms usually subside within a few hours or 1 - 2 days. Allergic reactions or infections occur less frequently. These should definitely be treated with anti-allergics or antibiotics.

After a minimally invasive procedure, we recommend a postoperative treatment with moisturizing masks or creams. These supporting measures can lead to a faster regeneration and a longer lasting result. A biocellulose mask specially developed for post-operative use can be found here


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